Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Contest - Sharing Kleenex Softness with Ibu Emir

Well, let's give a shot for the above contest and do a bit for charity. Megan was so eager to take photos with her Kleenex collection. I gave her a choice to pose for the photos with either her mummy or her BFF (Bear Friends Forever). Well what do you think a 3 year old would choose??? Yes, she wanted her BFF to be there instead of her mummy. Sigh!! Well, that's her choice and i know she will have more fun posing with them as my daughter would listen to them more than the mummy. LOL!!! Let's hope this few photos will win the judges heart and hopefully with the winnings she will be able to add on to her existing collection. Hahaha!! So, sit back and enjoy!!!!

Firstly, let's tell the whole wide world that "I LOVE KLEENEX"
This is my Kleenex smile....
It's getting sweaty now.....let's take a break and have some KLEENEX

Peekaboo....It's Kleenex!!!

Finally, one for the road! Smile and say "KLEENEX!"

 Thanks Kleenex and Ibu Emir for the contest. We had a great time posing and showing off our Kleenex collection to the world. See you and have a wonderful Kleenex day!


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  1. Hi dear..

    Thank you for joining. can i have your address and phone number for courier purpose. :) email me at ya