Wednesday, 7 November 2012

To blog or not to blog???

Hi, wow...didn't expect that i actually started or perhaps created this blog last October. I did not post anything at all and now i am wondering to myself if i should start to blog or not??!!! I am having a mixed feeling but i guess i should go ahead since i wanted to do it years ago.
Actually i wanted to blog about my little girl. So much to say about her and not sure if there are listeners all the time expect my dearest mum and at times my hubby. Guess having this blog would be a good idea as i can pour out my feelings and hopefully i do get some feedback from readers ( i have followers??? LOL!!!)
I wanted to blog when my little girl was 2 as a birthday gift for her and look now she's already 3+. What have i been doing for the past one year or so??? Time flies really fast or maybe i am spending too much time on facebook and contests. Yes i am a contest freak and i am really loving it. Doing it full time now as she's older and i can go at it full force all the way out until the second one comes... hahaha!!
I will blog this much first and hopefully i will continue to blog as much as possible if time permits. Before i go just to introduce my daughter to all of you after all this blog is mainly about her,my life and our exciting journey ahead. The above photo was taken on our recent trip to Australia in May.
Goodbye for now!

Elaine T

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